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Amd vs intel

I am trying to decide between two cpu's:

This one: Intel
and this one: AMD

My current motherboard only supports an intel socket, if the AMD cpu is better what would be an equivilant of this processor
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  1. For almost everything, the 3570K is better (and by a lot). The 8150 would only be better in a few highly threaded uses (video encoding, for example).

    Seeing as you already have a LGA 1155 board, the 3570K is the way to go. Absolutely no reason to go with the 8150 in that situation.
  2. Go with the intel for sure, it saves you having to get a new motherboard and very few games actually use eight cores to my knowledge. (I assume you plan on gaming with this level of hardware.)
  3. a no brainer simply because you have a Z77 motherboard get the i5.

    too bad, i was looking forward to another flame filled troll thread. . . .
  4. ha, well from my experience and many others... People that get AMD eventually move to Intel anyways. Once you move to intel.... you never go back.
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    AMD does not have an equivalent CPU. Their current generation more or less competes against Intel's Core 2 Duo / Quad CPUs rather than the Core i3/i5/i7 series. There are some specific applications where an AMD can perform just as well as (or maybe slightly better) an Intel CPU, but overall AMD CPUs are 2 or 3generations behind Intel CPUs in terms of overall performance.
  6. Good to see the good ol Q9650 is still doing well :)
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