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New build audio PC advice needed

Last response: in Systems
April 12, 2012 7:09:00 PM

Hey guys,

Im looking to build a new PC for audio production. I dont play any games so no need for a fancy graphics card at all

I want to build something pretty good my budget is around 1k - 1.2k USD range.

According to stuff ive read the most important 3 things for me is CPU, RAM, SSD

I know that audio production knowledge is pretty thin on the ground on this forum from what Ive read and Ill also hit up KVR and Gearslutz for more information which are specific to audio if required.

Ive done a fair amount of research but im still a noob at computers in general....and Im looking for some advice on the following ~

1/ Shall I go for i7- 3820 CPU in order to future proof my computer for a little while longer maybe get a chip upgrade if needed in a few years or should I go for the 2600k since the bench mark test appear pretty similar?

2/ My assumption that 2011 is a higher performance socket than the older socket. Specifically to use on audio production. Is this valid?

3/ Whats the best RAM to go with this set up. Since

Heres what Ive been recommended by the guy at the computer shop

Gigabyte, GAX79
16GB DDR 1600 G-Skill ( should I/ Can I go higher speed?)
Crucial M4 256 GB ( I will use my trusty WD hard drive from my old PC as 2nd drive)
Nvidia GT210
FSP 500 Power supply
Cooler Master Hyper 212

4/ Why do people ask if I would like to over-clock? As far as I understand there is no OC on this CPU but of course if 2600K can overclock why wouldnt you??


Apologize in advance if any of my terminology is in-correct or if my questions are dumb :) 
April 13, 2012 12:16:05 AM

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