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CM 690 II Advanced!
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  1. I am building a new computer and i want to know which case should i buy. I have a asus p8z77-v lk and gtx 460

    Zalman z11
    Zalman z9
    Msi Interceptor Ravage

    Or anything around 60$ (Because those are on sale^^) with a blue theme.
  2. mhm, and guess what! Its on sale for 55$!
  3. Nice! :D
  4. NCIX has the Antec 1100 on sale for $43. This is normally a $100-$125 case and is one of the best cooling cases at that $100 price point. At less than $50 it's a steal.


    Here is a review showing it beat out cases from Corsair, Lian Li, BitFenix and Fractal Design.


  5. Problem is, i live in Canada. Unless you know i way i can order from the us website (Because in Canada its still 90$)
  6. Oh well. It was a 1 day sale anyway. It's back up to $99 today.
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