New build: Just one click, no beeps and shuts off

The Problem
Will not boot. No beeps. Just one short click with the front light is on for about one second. Then it shuts down.

All new parts.

The first build (in the case, with the memory and SDD) booted and everything was working perfectly. I was able to get into the BIOS setup.

But after I opened the system up again to installed Blue ray drive to install the OS, I think I lost a screw under the motherboard. I remove it, but only after trying to power it up again.

From that point on, I have had the same problem.

I have replaced the MOBO. Then reconnected all the cables.

I breadboarded it with just the MOBO, processor, fan and PS (PS still in the case). Same problem. One click, no beeps, then turns off.

MOBO: Intel H67 LGA 1155
Power Supply: SeaSonic X series SS-400FL Active PFC F3 400W ATX12V Fanless
Processor: Intel i3-2105 Sandy Bridge 3.1GHz 65W
SSD: OCZ Vertex 120GB SSD
Case: Moneual 312B Micro ATX Case

All parts are brand new.

This is my first build, so I am not confident that I have all the cables connected properly. But the breadboarding was just the MOBO, processor, fan and PS.

I’m getting desperate, after investing all this money.
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  1. Just mobo, CPU, fan and PSU? No RAM, then. You'll be needing that. Go through this:
  2. I would take power off ps and mb..unplug it and let them drain. I would take the ps and shake it to see if that missing screw is in the ps. do the same for the mb..look into the pci slots and flip the mb over and see if it stuck under or near the cpu heat sink.
    mb and ps have a safty feature if there a dead short no to power on.
  3. I think I found the problem. I had not connected the four pin power cable on the PS side. (The disconnect was hidden from by the other cable) Got a beep and on my way.

    Stayed tuned. I post if I have any other problems.
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