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PCI Slot Fan, will it make my Radeon HD 6870 cooler?

Something similar to this (not this specific model per se it was just the first one on the list).
1. Are these things able to keep graphics cards cool? If yes how much of a difference should I expect to see?
2. What are the advantages of having one of these over a side panel fan, aside from the obvious one of your case not supporting side panel fans? What if I got one of these and a Side Panel intake fan would that bring temps down even more?
3. Are these intake or exhaust fans? If its an intake fan wouldn't I need a filter of some sort for it? If its an exhaust fan wouldn't it weaken the GPU's cooling because it takes away air from the GPU fan?
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  1. That one is not for direct cooling of the GPU. It is just another exhaust fan for your case. That one is so small the benefits don't even seem worth it.

    Something like this may help but is only fans over your GPU not blowing any air out of the case.
    Although I still wouldn't expect the GPU temps to improve all that much.
  2. Is there a problem with your gpu temps?
    What are they?
  3. My temps when I'm just using automatic Catalyst Control and not touching the manual fan control:
    Dungeons and Dragons Online on Ultra no AA is mid 60s, Dirt 3 on Ultra no AA is low 70s.
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    Those are normal temps.
    Nothing to be concerned about.
    Select a quiet fan setting you can live with when surfing and watching video,and bump it up before playing games.
    I have my 5850 set at 27% when i'm not gaming,30-35% gaming.
    My temps are excellent.
    My case and fans set-up help out alot..
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