I7-3960x cpu and system questions, cpu coolers

I was going to buy an i7-3960x box.

I wasn't sure whether this should be in a full tower case or mid tower (cooling requirements).

I was trying to choose between these cases due to their nice cooling, and long bearing lifespan on the fans.

antec nine hundred (mid tower), antec nine hundred two v3 (mid tower), and antec twelve hundred v3 (full tower).

just how long do long life bearing fans last compared with ball bearing?

what about transportation of the system?

I was hoping for a zalman cnps12x extreme cpu cooler, but I could go with a different cooler if it's going to break

or break the motherboard during transport in the SUV.
ThermalRight True Spirit 140
this looks very easily maintainable with a removable fan retaining latch.

if you feel I should instead assemble the cooler when I get home no matter what cooler I get because of high possibility of damage,

please tell me. I thought I had seen one that looked like a block that maybe was transportable, wasn't sure

about its cooling capability or what kind of fan bearings it used (how long it would last).

I suspect the full tower case machine would weigh at least 75 lbs, so it's hefty. the cooler weighs about 5 lbs I am told.

what's an average and top operating temp for i7-3960x and for the case temp for such, using say, a gtx 640 video card? case has 5 or 7 fans, including a 200mm at top.

will intel ever put in pcie 3.0 support into the i7-3960x? this is a 2nd gen proc with a 3rd gen part#.

I am elated that Intel decided to come out with 1 proc that can take 64GB of RAM. I think they should come out with procs and chipsets that can do at least this much for desktops on a regular basis people don't know about this processor. they think the i7-3770 and socket 1155 is the best thing on the planet due to all the hype.

adobe photoshop chews up ram for breakfast when going panoramas and editing out telephone poles and telephone lines. and so does premiere pro. I was saddened when I saw that a bunch of the xeon procs that just came out could only address 32GB of ram. I was planning on purchasing a workstation. I just wish this thing had more cores and more threads. if I had a 30 or 32 core or 24-core processor with 256GB of RAM, I would be ecstatic! what would I even use all that for? video encoding, parallel builds, photoshop, file compression, media, among other things. OS's like Windows are getting to the point where they are starting to need more threads I think. XP uses 580 of them (including virus scanner), albeit most of them I think are alseep.
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  1. Have you considered the i7-3930K? It's the same thing as the 3960X, except for the Premium 100mhz difference.
  2. it can only take 32GBof RAM, which makes me sad. I need the memory for photoshop and engineering.
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    i7-3970x will be releasing soon.

    As far as I am aware the current 2011 sockets will only ever support PCI-e 2.0, I think, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    If you have / need the space get a full tower, I have an antec 1200, it's a very nice case.
  4. cool. how much memory can it address? is it 3rd-gen? can it do pcie-3.0?
  5. just saw the blurbs. not much info. I think the coolers above will still cover it. I still have the transport question.
  6. the i7-3930k isn't even on intel's radar anymore.
  7. here's a nice proc that fits within the price range.

    see these proc benchmarks (there are others, too)

    PS can make use of the GPU (for what exactly, not sure, ask on adobe forum).

    you will still need to get a cpu cooler. I suggest the zalman cnps12x or the thermalright true spirit 140 (for easy maintenance! just make sure you get the fan, might be separate)
    some of those ASUS gen3 1155 motherboards have thunderbolt. get that one!

    these boards should set you into the future. thunderbolt has just been introduced to the pc and has been a mac product and is 10Gbps and is daisy-chainable. the i7-3820 won't do thunderbolt.
    this is something I just wrote based on my experience and limitations on a 32-bit box.

    I love to write. I better quit this thread while I still can... :-)
  8. sorry,that last post was for another thread.
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