Overclocking i5 2500K problem with LLC

i just overclocked my i5 2500K to 4.8Ghz with Z68A-GD55-G3 mobo i set Vcore to 1.36v and disable all power saving settings
but when idle the volt is 1.352-1.344 but with load using IBT it's drop to 1.328-1.336 is this normal ??
and what is the really cpu core is (1.36 or 1.352 or 1.366 ) ??
I have two options for (LLC or Vdroop) low and auto and try both and it's the same
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  1. Completely normal. It's called "Vdroop". Whne the processor experiences heavy load it reduces voltage. LLC is used to offset this. Gigabyte and ASUS boards both have settings for this; but both boards handle these settings differently.

    Asus boards I believe just have an "On and Off" LLC setting. Turning it on keeps the processor from going into Vdroop. Or at least reduces the impact of it.

    Gigabyte boards however have LLC setting ranging from Level 1 to Level 10. Levels 1-4 reduces the impact of Vdroop, but does not completely eliminate it. Level 5 I believe is the median where Vdroop is eliminated and load Vcore is equal to that of your manual set Vcore in Bios. Levels 6-10 is where it actually begins RAISING your voltage under load. 10 being the most extreme. I would be careful getting into the level 6-10 territory; as from personal experience I can tell you voltage spikes can be quite erratic.

    Not all boards have LLC settings so be sure you even have any. If you do just use common sense and attempt to reduce Vdroop until you get yor processor stable. good luck mate:)
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