Budget gaming pc under $800

looking for some ideas on a gaming pc under $800 both amd and intel. just looking to play mmo's.

already have the HD gonna take it out of a old pc.

really would like a amd build to compare to my $1300 intel build.
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    Please use the forum header located in the sticky at the top of the subforum.

    Also, I'd look at some other topics (that are EXACTLY the same) for some help. Then, we can help narrow down what you want.
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  3. ok sorry
  4. You're fine... I'll be happy to help you with your build when you've got a few things fleshed out (I'd go with Intel, by the way). Feel free to send me a pm for help! I just can't help with:
    CPU cooler (I recommend Hyper 212+ or Evo, but I can't compare to others. Usually Hyper212 is good enough, though)
  5. Yo. Send me a PM. I can help you, no probs.
  6. Dangit... outranked again! :)
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