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No signal on Second monitor/tv help?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
February 5, 2012 5:27:28 AM

Hey guys! well today i bought myself a new graphics card today! hooray =D
ok well the gpu i got today was the MSI R6850 Cyclone Power Edition OC edition

Right now i am typing on my 20 inch acer computer monitor but the problem is that my main screen is my 23" tv.
it has a vga out so what i have is a vga to dvi adapter that i hook up to my card.

the card i had before the 6850 was a xfx 5770, i had no problems whatsoever hooking it up.
Though, if my tv is hooked up, it still says "no signal" and it does not show in the displays on AMD Vision Engine Control Center.

Is there a problem with the card?

Also, i uninstalled everything, like the old drivers and such, well i only followed this:

was i supposed to do something else with drivers?

and another note: a couple of times i unplugged the tv and replugged the wiring, pressed "detect" in AMD Vision Engine Control Center, and the acer 20" monitor went completely black, the computer was still on, but i couldn't see anything. and the TV still said "no signal."

Please help as i do like having two monitors and do not want to return this card and have any more problems.

EDIT ok so i just checked something.
i have a spare dell monitor that i just hooked up. i see them both power on, then i log in, i hear the sound that indicates you plugged something in, usb, monitor, etc. then 5 - 10 seconds later both screens black out, im thinking u can still function the computer, but you have no vision.
is there a defect with the card?

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a b C Monitor
February 5, 2012 5:52:09 AM

Aare you using the VGA to connect to the Acer or the TV? Can't you use HDMI to connect to the TV? Or are you using DVI to connect to the TV?

Can you list exactly how it is connected? (like Computer >> DVI >> DVI/VGA Adapter >> VGA Cable >> TV) and do that for the TV and Acer, with the result.

Can you try different outputs on the card (should have two DVI outputs) or different inputs on the displays (like using HDMI on the TV?)

Can you try a different cable?

Gratz on the purchase, BTW. Im jealous =P
February 5, 2012 5:57:39 AM

i currently have no HDMI cable available as my brother is using it for his ps3, so what i have now is a DVI to HDMI cable which is normally what i use to connect my TV to the PC.

the tv has HDMI plugged into it: then from there the other end is DVI,
my acer monitor is just a normal dvi cable,
also, i have a vga cable where it can hook to the tv, then i have a vga to dvi adapter that i used to hook to the 5770 but recently i got the hdmi to DVI cable.

i have tried both DVI connections on the card no help =/ as of now i can only use one monitor, any other way, both monitors go blank.
and thanks for the speedy reply btw ^_^