New CPU heat sink causes black screen

I replaced my CPU heat sink with a Zalman nps 9900 max CPU cooler. Now when I try to start my computer I get a black screen. System specs: os is windows 7. Radon 6850 gpu. Ocz mode stream pro 700 w psu. Amd fx 6100 CPU. And motherboard is a gigabyte 990fxa-ud3. I have tried reseating the CPU gpu and plugging in all of the cables again including sata cables. I have also tried resetting cmos and reseating the ram. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated to remedy the issue.
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  1. Did you try reseating the heatsink?
  2. Yes I have tried reseating thebheatsink twice now and I also reseated all of the standoffs with the second time I reseated the heatsink

    At this point I am assuming I killed the mobo I am not getting any beeps from the speaker, and all the pins on the CPU seem intact. Does that sound correct?
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    remove anything try in out case , reseat CPU check pin maybe bent also double check eberything , try use stock first if succes , after that install Zalman, and don't too tigh if install it
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