Used the wrong screw on the motherboard w/Silverstone RavenRV02

Put in the motherboard and didn't know that you had to used Screw C or Screw D to secure the mobo to the case.
I used screw A which is for securing the 5.25 device.
I tried removing it - but its not coming out.

Can it be removed?

If not - will it affect the build in a wrong way?
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  1. you can remove it but be careful there
  2. I tired removing it several times but its not budging....what gives?
  3. Anyone? I treid everything but its not going out. Will it have a negative side effect on the motherboard? I'm fine with it staying there.
  4. well there should be no negative side effects. but well since you can't budge it you can keep it that way but it's better to get it removed as it might obstruct some balance or something on the mobo placement
  5. How can I remove it though? Is there some special screw driver I can use?
  6. How tight did you put it in there?
  7. This is - its not even tight. Its loose.. but its not coming out
  8. So it wiggles around?
  9. mind showing a pic? most of us can imagine what it looks like but a pic would give a definite info about it
  10. DerkontheForum said:
    So it wiggles around?

    Yes it wiggles around. The 2 that are in there are circled-shaped..while the others (the right 1s) are diamond shaped
  11. My camera is terrible but:

    the bigger 1 is the right one..while the smaller 1 (the circled one) is not the one I should've used

    Here is 1 of them. (I screwed in 2 of them)
  12. Okay.. And why aren't they coming out again?
  13. DONE!!! Figured it out. Found the thinnest/smallest straight edge screw driver and pushed it out slowly while using the phillips to twist it.
    It came out. Thank god!!

    It was just a little brazed/scratched..really small. from all the twisting I did before trying to get it out.

    Hopefully that's nothing...
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