Fan rotates but processor do not work

i Have Acer Aspire one notebook.....
last night my laptop was working well and i shutdown my laptop properly...but next morning it does not work...iys fan rotater and lights become on but no display at all...itsnot a display problem becuase i connect it with external monitor but there was no signal for display....i suspect that prossor is not working because its wifi light does not on which shoud be on at the time of startup....
what should i do ?
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  1. try taking the battery out fo 30 minutes and disconnect the charger (but leave the charger pluggedinto the wall). Meanwhile press and hold the power button for 1 minute.
    Next press and hold the Fn key and the Esc key down while you plug the charger in. Keep holding those two keys down and with your other hand press and release only the power button.
    Keep holding "fn" and "esc" until it starts beeping and then you can let go.
    In about a minute or two it should reboot.
  2. it does not solve the issue.....the issue is the doing this the power light blinks for three or four times after realeasing......
  3. which specific aspire one do you have?
    I looks like you'll have to go thru the firmware update method which requires a usb stick that you've downloaded the latest firmware onto. Basically its the same provcedure but you will have the usb plugged in and it will hopefully update your bios and then boot up once again.
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