Gigabyte 550ti vs Sapphire 6770

Hey, just looking for a new card at the moment. I've found these two, Gigabyte 550ti and Sapphire 6770.

Nvidia -


What do you think? There's a few pounds difference and I don't want to go any higher than these. I've got an i3 2120 and a 450w Coolermaster PSU. I'd preferably play at 1080p but anything above 720p I would be happy with.
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  1. And the difference between these two cards is very little, depending on games. Get 550ti if few pound is not a problem for you. They are almost similar in performance but 550ti is a little higher in some games.
  2. gtx 550ti will perform better but it would be better to get an hd 6770 for cheaper price cheaper is better.
  3. Yeah, hd 6770 is good for cheaper. I bought a sapphire 6770 for myself instead of 550ti which is cost more. ;)
  4. Does anyone know if the 6770 is going to drop in price anytime soon?
  5. i think hd 6770 price is going to drop when all hd 7xxx cards will release or after 2 or three months but better to buy now.
  6. sapphire will be better then asus one eheter price are low or high get sapphire get better performance good luck.:)
  7. Sapphire has back side exhaust which asus dont has. So sapphire give you more thermal advantage than asus. And sapphire gives Dirt3 game promo free. I got one. Check for that combo.
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