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So I've decided to go and build my first computer and have already compiled the list of basic components but one of the prioritys for me is the case and cooling. I need a case that can support multiple fans. My room gets quite hot in the summer 80s or so and 90+ on bad days. Needless to say my current comp has constent bsod and shutdown issues related to heat in the summer which is partly why I'm building one from scratch. So can you guys reccomend a moderately priced one?
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  1. how much $$ would you like to spend on a case? is a quiet case a priority for you?,are you buying in the USA?
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    I can WHOLE HEARTEDLY recommend this.

    I have spent hours on newegg looking at different cases to give me the best cooling before building my system a few months ago. This case has some of the most monsterous airflow you can get with a PC case. All of the stock fans blow upwards of 80 cfm and there are plenty of them. 3 120mm in the front, ,a 120mm on the side, 2 120mm on the back, and a big 220mm whopper on the top to blow all that hot air out. I could not be happier with my purchase.

    Now with that being said the case is $160. But you get what you pay for. Especially when it comes to airflow. I hope I helped you in some way going forward:)
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