Please help with new homebuilt gaming computer (no signal)

Hi Everyone,

This is the first time I post on this site because I can see a lot of useful feedback here. I recently built a gaming computer around 1 month old, it was great and I was running BF3 on High all day no problem. Until 1 month later I would turn on the computer and no video signal came out.

I took it to a repair guy, he tested my computer for days but he used his own hard drive and said there was nothing wrong with it, and saying how it could run for days and easily pass the test software. He checked my hardware and everything too saying everything is good and there is nothing wrong with it. He said it probably is my HDD or Windows 7 problem. I thought it may have been my hard drive because one time I heard a crack noise from my computer while I was trying to turn it on. So I bought a new SSD drive to try start my computer but unfortunately the same problem exists.

If I was to isolate the factors from the repairman and my home, it may be either my monitor/DVI cable or power supply/power cord that is faulty. Note that my LED monitor works fine with the VGA cable that goes with my other computer, so maybe the DVI slot is faulty. The sound, fans, lights all seem fine also. I doubt it is the fan because it never crashed during a game, it only can't start up.

Can anyone give me some feedback. Thank you for your time!

-Windows 7 64bit
-Asus P8Z (Motherboard)
-Intel i5-2400 (Processor)
-8 GB Corsair DDR3 (RAM)
-Gigabyte GTX560 TI (Graphic Card)
-OCZ 120 GB SSD (Hard drive)
-Corsair GS600 (Power Supply)
-No extra fans
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  1. Everything boots up correctly? Do you hear the windows boot sound?
  2. I never had a windows boot sound, do you mean that quick beep? I never heard it from the start even when it worked
  3. That beep is the mobo sound, I'm talking about the windows sound when it boots into the login screen for windows.
  4. I havent actually put on my headphones to hear it yet because there is no signal to my monitor as it cant detect it, so I wasnt able to put in my password to hear the sound. I took out my old Hard drive though and plugged in my new one but same problem.
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