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Is the Radeon 6790 capable of utilizing its 256 memory bus rate?

I been wondering about this, the 6770 has higher clock speeds all around, but the 6790 has more memory bus rate.

It's essentially 128 vs 256, but according to harware compare the 6770 is faster at some tasks because it has a higher texel and pixel rate - which doesn't make sense to me (why AMD did that).

6770 6790
Bandwidth 67200 MB/sec 134400 MB/sec
Texel Rate 36000 Mtexels/sec 33600 Mtexels/sec
Pixel Rate 14400 Mpixels/sec 13440 Mpixels/sec

But essentially my question stands, can the 6790 take advantage of its 256 bus or is it merely a selling point to make people choose it over a GTX 550-ti
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  1. the hd 6790 will be more powerful then both cards but it uses that much power also it would be better to get an hd 6770 instead of the two gtx 550ti or hd 6790 whether its 128bit bus or 256bit for the price point hd 6770 will performs better then that two.
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    More bandwidth is always better. Even though the pixel fillrate of the 6770 is "higher", that's the theoretical limit. Actual output depends on clock rate, number of ROP's, and BANDWIDTH. Not to mention you can overclock the 6790 by a few Mhz and get it to be a 6770 with double the bandwidth.
  4. So how large a role does bandwidth play in graphical performance?
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    Higher bandwidth helps at higher resolutions and in applying Anti-Aliasing. I think its very worthwhile to have more bandwidth. It's role isn't as big as shaders, TMU's, and ROP's, but if you don't have high bandwidth, those ROP's can be choked of bandwidth.
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