Strangely, most reasonable OS questions are in the storage forum

Over the years I've noticed that almost all the competent questions about OS installation, drivers, dual boot and the like are in the storage forum. I've rummaged through the "Configuration and Customization" sections for XP and Win7 many times, and the questions tend to be a mishmosh of game and application issues, and "where is my printer?"

Do we need section for OS installation? Or would that just attract the noise that's currently in C&C, and we should consider Storage the best-kept secret of these forums? (oops, not any longer [:wyomingknott] ). I can't think of a good, short, pithy description for "getting you machine from power-on to the login screen."

Am I rambling?
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  1. Not really daily we see misplaced posts and actually many in this section. We currently have the OS section and system section (new build) that should be able to cover this. The problem we will not be able to fix is people misplacing posts since there is a lot of people out there with computers that do not have a clue let alone what section here covers their problem.
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