Cannot Access Network from Internet!

Okay, so Ive really tried to look ALL over the internet for help on this, but I just can't figure out what is wrong.

I cannot VPN into my home system, and have spent MONTHS trying to figure out what is going on (followed ddwrt manuals to the BRIM which aren't very helpful anyway).

That aside, I gave up on it because no matter what I got a damn 800 error.

Now I am trying to get to my IP camera over the internet. This also wont work and I cannot figure out why! Im assuming the issues are linked.

Port webcam is listening on: 778

Modem: Actiontec
Port 778 is forwarded to Router

Router: Running DDWRT
Port 778 is forwarded to the webcam (static IP at

I tested the ports with an internet port checker and it says that 778 is open! This is good.

I have a dyndns account (say its It is successfully linked to my internet ip address (the one ATT gives me).
--Again, checking port 778, the checker says the port is open.

When I am INTERNAL I check 192.168.103:778/index.asp, and I get to the ip camera.

When I try, I am told

"Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at []:778."

What is going on and why cannot I not get into my network?? The ports are open, the webcam is definitely listening (I can get to it locally), I can get to "" which gets me into my modem settings, so its definitely linked to my ip address, but what is going on???

Thanks for the help for anyone that has any ideas...
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  1. You are forgetting a part of your address.
    I have a dyndns account as well, you make up your own address for the first part then you put after it. Example with my user name being the part I made up.

    I believe dyndns calls it your "host name".
  2. Thanks for the help, but I was using the correct name, I just didnt want to post it on the forum, but it was (myhostname)

    I just recently fixed the issue, it turns out that my modem was acting smarter than it actually is and still blocking the ports or doing something funny... I decided to put my router in the DMZ rather then messing with the ports, and low and behold, VPN and the Camera both work now.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help!
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    Hahah, yeah I just realized that right after I posted my message, by then it was to late :).

    Glad you got it working.
  4. Thanks! Me too, way too much frustration when you do things right and they still dont work. Best answer for your help though! No one else even answered at all so thanks a lot just for spending some time one this! :)
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