GTX 560ti not running games

I have recently built a system for my son who one of his favorite games is minecraft... you would expect the 560ti to run it smoothly but when he ran the game it says "cannot find and accerlerated opengl mode this can be solved by updating the video card drivers... at first i was like ohh ill just reinstal the drivers from Nvidia's site and it worked but then the next day we were reading the same error message. Does any one have any idea what the problem can be because the drivers are up to date.
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  1. You'll need to post whole system, including power supply and it's details. Also, is it a fresh windows install? Do you other games work fine?

    Lastly, try reinstalling minecraft.
  2. Minecraft using 560 ti? Like a BMW used just for going to the grocery...

    But Are sure the one you install are the newest? Get newest/latest if the answer is no.

    If yes, try reading up this
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