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No sound if HDMI connected


I am facing a sound issue every time I connect my Computer to my AV-Reciever via HDMI. My Setup is the following:

Computer with two NVIDIA-Cards (GTX550 Ti for Gaming, 210 GT just to use three screens) and one Creative X-FI Sound-Device. Both Displaycards are connected to a Screen via DVI, additionally the GTX550 is connected to a Denon AVR 1912 via HDMI. The Creative-Card is connected to the AVR via SPDIF and the AVR is configured to take the Sound via SPDIF and the Video via HDMI (to a third screen).

With this configuration, I get no sound except the windows test sounds for the HDMI->AVR connection. As soon as I unplug the HDMI-Cable, everything works fine.

Any Ideas?
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    Stumbled upon the solution by myself.

    I needed to change the connection in NVIDIA-Systemsettings -> Change resolution from HDMI - HDTV (with audio) to HDMI - HDTV (without audio) (identifiers might differ slightly for my system is german). I don't know why they put it in there instead of putting it in 'Configure digital audio' m)

    Thanks anyway, hope this helps anybody else with a similar problem someday...
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