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  1. Looking good, if you don't got plans on going SLI a 600W power supply is more than enough. Got almost the same setup myself :)
  2. Links are not working. Good build. If the prices are just average you may want to get a new z77 board and a Ivy Bridge processor. If you already have the rig then you will still kick butt with it.

    My only big issue is the PSU. Personally I have had bad experiences with CM's PSUs. I prefer Corsair, Seasonic, SOME antecs
  3. Looks rather sound to me. The only thing I can't comment on is the PSU since you didn't have the model number and the links are not working. I did a check on newegg and they do have a deal on the 500R case and a AX650 650w power supply which is a high quality power supply.
  4. One more note, if you are going to overclock may I suggest an after market CPU cooler as the stock one just plain sucks for overclocking. Something like the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO should fit your budget.
  5. Check my sig :)
  6. the PSU is a coolermaster gx 750w
    Im also from australia, i don't know if newegg ships products to australia.
    Also, if i were to choose a Z77 motherboard, which should i choose that's as good as the motherboard my friend chose for me?
  7. I would rather not comment on a Z77 since they just came out but Anand has a good roundup they may help you pick features:
  8. what if i changed the motherboard to gigabyte G1 sniper m3, is that better?
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