I have a problem with my Geforce GTX 550ti

umm guys i have trouble running bf3,nfstherun on high,med or even low and i try to set my lowest resolution
and it just adds like 2 fps and my current fps in these games are 12-15fps so if anyone knows this problem helpp :(
im worrying i just bought it new and all in the temp is 43 to 50 or 36 so i try to run the game on 9500gt well it runs well i got 20-30 fps so here is my specs (i know the power supply is important so i put it in below):

Processor:Intel Core2Duo E4600 2.4Ghz ( Newly formated 32-bit) tried (64-bit)
Ram:4Gb (3.34gb usable)DDR2
Geforce GTX550ti GDDR5
GPU Clock: 900Mhz
Shader Clock: 1800Mhz
Memory Clock: 2050Mhz
PSU:500watt +12v 22amps

so i really need help on this damn day i got my whole day searching about this but none i spent 3hrs looking for whats the problem i dont seem to find em

Advance Thnx for help :na:
im lookin forward for this forum just new here and my first time to make a thread
by the way my max res is (1360x768) its not that big
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  1. Could you be a little more specific, is it laggy or does the game just crash?
  2. Really laggy it does not crash but so laggy
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    22A on the +12V rail? That's like 264 watts on the +12V rail. Which is where your graphics card take the power from. It maybe too low, but since you don't crash it may not be a problem. But worth a try to check on how the card works with some better power supplies (To be serious you are very smart putting the +12V rail there). Another reason is that you don't have the latest drivers for your computer.
  4. i dunno it just says that its max power is 500watts and so one im not good at powersupplys thats my weakness on pc's and heres something whenever i plug my other H.D.D it doesnt give me an error on start ups line No Master IDE H.D.D detected but when i plug my video card yes it gives me that exact error i dunno whats the prob ? well im low on my buget i got like 28$$ lol
  5. im not sure at 22 to mybe lower i guess cuz 22 the highest so i put there im really a noob at this. and im using SATA on hard drives.dvdrw-rom :(
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