Is My Laptop is about to Die for Good?

I have an asus republic of gamers laptop G60JX. It runs games pretty good for a laptop except it gets extremely hot. Yesterday I tried re-pasting the thermal compound with arctic silver 5. I had a serious problem when I tried to turn it back on. The screen wouldn't come on, the fan wouldn't spin, I couldn't toggle the numlock light on and off. It appeared to be dead. I tried reseating the CPU a couple of times and I had no luck. Then as a last ditch effort to get my system back up I ran a hair dryer over the CPU in its socket. Then it came back on just like magic. I'm getting better temps now too. The only thing bad about it is that I still am not 100% sure why it stopped working. I suspected it was something wrong with the CPU but I'm still not sure about it. Now I'm worried that failure is imminent.
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  1. Have you tried giving absolutely everything a good clean out inside the laptop? sometimes computers refuse to boot if they detect that the fan isn't spinning, if theres dust in the fan connection contacts that may stop it from working, try disconnecting and reconnecting the fan a few times, if not, give everything a reseat and clean everything as best you can. To clean the thermal pastes off properly from chipsets etc, use alcoholic wipes then dry it with a lint free cloth (like the cloths you get with a pair of glasses) also make sure there is no dust physically blocking the fan and make sure all the heatsinks are as dust free as possible, do NOT use water on any part (can make heatsinks corrode/rust...) always use alcoholic wipes and a lint free cloth. If you want to make sure it wont fail in the future, check all the components for signs of damage and do memtest and run other programs that check stability to ensure there are no major problems with the system.

    Good Luck!
  2. The weird thing I've noticed about this computer is that the fan does not spin at all until my GPU gets to about 40 degrees Celsius. It only spins at about 2800RPM at 80 degrees. It reaches a maximum fan speed of around just above 5000 RPM at at little bit above 95 degrees. This is a terrible design in my opinion. There is no way to adjust the fan speed either. The absolute only thing I could do to get the fan running faster at under 95 degrees is to snip the fan control speed wire.
  3. even if you use a tool to control the fan speed like something in the bios or the tool that comes with the driver?
  4. I've tried MSI afterburner and Speedfan. Neither of those tools let me control the speed of my fan. I checked the bios too and there was no way to do it there either. Pretty much the only options my bios has is to change my boot devices and just look at stuff like system info. After repasting my thermal compound I get temps in the upper 80's and lower 90's after playing Crysis on high for 30 minutes. I used to get temps in the upper 90's and they would slowly creep up to the mid 100's. So it's doing way better now but because the fan runs so low the temps still hover around 88-93... At 91 the fan kicks in at the next to highest speed and it goes back to 88 then the fan slows back down... Then it slowly creeps back up to 91 again and the process repeats. It's not what I'd call ideal for anything.
  5. My laptop is still working fortunately... I wonder if it will continue to work much longer? It's hard to say. I think it will though. I think it might have been static or something like that.
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