Monitor Upgrade. . . Best Gaming Option?

My specs are listed below and I want to upgrade from my Dell 2407 WFP 1900X1200 monitor. I have two HD 6870s in crossfire so I can step up the rez. I'm thinking 27" or 30" and want to spend under $1500.
I hear the Dell 3011 has input lag issues so the 2711 may be an option. But if I'm spending the money, don't I go 30"? I'm playing games like BF3.
Thanks in advance!!

CPU: Intel I7 920 OC'd to 3.8Ghz
M/B: MSI X58 Pro-E Motherboard
RAM: 6 GB DDR 3 PC3-12800 1600mhz
FAN: Corsair H100 Liquid Cooler
HDD: Crucial 120 SSD and 2 SATAII 500
VGA: 2 HD 6870 1Gig Video Crossfire
Sound: SB xfi
SU : Thermaltake Toughpower 700W
Case : Cooler Master HAF 922 Full Tower
DVD-RW : Lite On LH020A1l SATA Sony 720A
Monitor : Dell 2407WFP 24"Widescreen
OS: Win 7 64
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  1. If you are buying a monitor, always check it out in person at a store. Even if you don't buy from the store, you at least find out one you want to purchase and can then purchase online.
  2. I would say a triple monitor set up, but then the frame rate may drop too much. Can that motherboard support a third card?
  3. 3 X Dell 2407WFP 24"Widescreen eyefinity.
  4. andrewcarr said:
    I would say a triple monitor set up, but then the frame rate may drop too much.

    Nah, the third card would still be hampered by the 1gb frame buffer.

    2 x 6870 1gb gets you started with eyefinity and its enough to get you hooked. But you will be craving a more powerful graphics solution. But 3 monitors on medium beats one monitor on ultra.
  5. Three of these monitors are a great price, $600 total.
    Then you would have 900 left to upgrade the GPU. Would get two 7950.
  6. I'd really like to go 27 or 30 rather than staying at 24" and 19x12 resolution. Any thoughts on the larger monitors? Also, with two 6870s, will that be enough for a 30" monitor?
  7. The best option for gaming is a three monitor set up. Not much of an advantage just getting an expensive 30'' monitor.
    Although I would still get the three monitors I previously mentioned and the two 7950's
  8. Iwould go with a 27 inch as it will be at 1920x1220 and your 6870 xfire will still run good , if you go for a 30 inch then you will be looking at 2560 res and your 6870s will get a beating.
    The Samsung 27 inch is a good choice and the price is great.
    If you want a 3D capable monitor then you could go for this

    Either way you will still be able to upgrade your graphics cards if you wanted to.
  9. With the 2 6870s, would a three-monitor setup work ok? That idea is growing on me. Also, the Dell 2711 is 2560 x 1440 rather than 1920x1220. Is that a worthwhile upgrade?
  10. If you don't mind spending the money ($1500) on an expensive monitor I would spend the same money on three monitors ($570), then the 6870's won't be powerful enough so you could get two 7950 (each is better or equal to the 580, for the last $900). Even if you get the best monitor your two 6870's won't be powerful enough so this seems like a worthy upgrade.
    Monitor X3 ($190 each)-
    GPU X2 ($450 each)-
    Between the two GPU you have enough connectors for all the monitors. This will give you one of the most powerful GPU configuration for two cards (two 7970, 6990 and 590 are faster).
  11. So it sounds like no matter what, I need to upgrade my graphic's cards. Is that right?
    With either 3 monitors or going to 2560x1440, I'll need a better option. Will one 7970 get it done? Lastly, those ASUS monitors are 1900x1080 rather than 1900x1200. Do I really want to be going backwards on my resolution?

    Thansk for all of the help!
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    I just thing that to run three monitors you want ones that are 1080 not 1200. Not sure that 1200 monitors are even supported (I could be wrong). The single 7970 is very powerful and will give ok frame rates, but if you do get it I would want to add in the second as soon as the funds are available. Those ASUS monitors have a great response time and good picture for gaming. An 1920*1200 monitor doesn't seem worth the extra money.,3104.html
  13. FYI
    I bought both the Samsung 950 120mhz and the Dell 2711. I used both in BF3 and regular computing. The Dell ran at high resolution very well. . .all settings on high and did not dip below 45 fps. However, 120mhz is the way to go. The game has the same hi def feel that a new 120hz tv does. On my Sony TV, it has a setting called motion flow. . .Samsung has something similar that runs the picture in almost video tape quality. You get a similar feeling from running at 120hz.

    Bottom line, you can use the Dell as a gamer but the experience is much better on a 120hz monitor. Ideally, I would have gotten higher rez at 120 but they don't exist yet. Go 120. . .it rocks.
    Thanks for all the help!
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