Hi, my name is ruger and i was wondering how much if any would two 140mm fans would cool my system..

already have three 120's and corsair h60 watercooling.
my comp idles at 30-33 and with load 37-40

intel core i7 3770k OC'ed to 4.4ghz
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  1. your load temps are already way better than average. The extra 140mm fans probably won't make any noticeable difference. Maybe 1-2c at best case scenario even tho its unlikely.

    My i5 2500k goes 55-60c at load 4.6ghz.
  2. You won't see much if any of a temp drop by going with slightly bigger fans. What tends to be more important is the rate in which the fan moves air.(RPM of the blades, CFM etc.)

    If you want better cooling i'd start with the cooler itself first.
  3. get the corsair h100?

    would be sweet haha
  4. vikingruger said:
    get the corsair h100?

    would be sweet haha

    if your case has room for it and you want to go around 4.7ghz.
  5. vikingruger said:
    get the corsair h100?

    would be sweet haha

    That would be a nice upgrade, but as mentioned you need to have room for the rad.
  6. yea im rolling with a corsair 550d case lots of room
  7. I would skip the corsair H100 and go with a rasa kit!! if you want to see a improvement. the improvement from a h100 will be marginal. to be honest your temps are extraordinary for a h60 as is.
  8. the only reason i can think of to get any more fans, given your circumstances, would be if they had LED lights and you wanted to pimp out the case more.
  9. yea those temps arent 100% load they are just the temps when playing games/recording while playing games.....but i also have that thing turned on in the bios where it doesnt use my max GHZ all the time so it keeps the heating/power needed less unless i really need it like when i do a virus search or sumthin ill see in coretemp that im using all 4.4 ghz...but thank you for the replies appreciate them very much.
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