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I have a Radeon HD 6670 which is capable of handling DirectX 11. I do not know if I must download some software or install some special stuff in order to use it. Because I have Arkham City and when I enable the DX 11 feature in the display settings, Windows 7 tells me that the program has stopped working. I was further told that the shader file cannot be loaded. So I play on good 'ol DX9. I also installed only DX9 during the game installation, I was not prompted to install DX11 during the installation. Please guys Tell me I have never used DX11 nor have seen anybody else use it but have heard it has great graphics. Please help and reply. I have 4 GB RAM and an Asus P5GC-MX/1333 motherboard.
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  1. Batman AC has a DX 11 patch that optimizes it for Dx11 cause at release, without the patch it was terrible. That could cause your card to crash. Get the patch and retry it. If you already have the patch, your system may not be powerful to power the GPU under heavy load.
  2. The 6670 isn't even powerful enough to use Dx11 features without a huge framerate drop. Also you shouldn't have needed to install Dx9 during Batman install. You may have a corrupted Dx install. Type Dxdiag into the Run box or Start Search.
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