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I would like the best spec for a budget PC to use 3ds MAX. I realise people spend thousands on these things, but I am still learning. My budget is around £750. I would like to concentrate on things that will improve 3D rendering and leave off the bells and whistles like blu-ray players etc. Essentially the best Processing, RAM and Graphics Card I can get for my budget. Please suggest a set up configuration. Suggestions for monitors would be good too. Thanks.
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  1. There are so many things that can speed you up and even things you didn't mention like a ssd or a fast hard drive. I highly recommend making out the ram if you do anything with a lot of polygons in the scene also the best way to get the render times down is to get an i7 and the 2600k is in your price range. Also get a good cooler so you can overlook to get more speed. The ram will not help your render times as much as it will help development speed. It will help both though.
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