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i am looking to get a new gpu today n need help when i built this i got a bigger PSU so that later on i figured i could handle most anything, my PSU is a Coolmax 700w Model# CU-700B, im looking at the 560 fermi since i cant afford the TI version and it would bottle neck me. please help let me no if my PSU can handle that GPU
other specs
CPU- AMD 965 BE at 4.0 GHZ
ram- 4gb ddr3 OC to 1600 mhz
mobo- MSI 870U G55
case- Antec 300
HDD- 640gb WD blue
GPU- Zotac 9600 GT
PSU- Coolmax 700w
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  1. That PSU is total crap, some users are saying it cant even handle 300W of load. You will need to upgrade to a quality (Antec, Corsair, OCZ, Seasonic and some others) 500W unit if you want to use a GTX 560. Also, an HD 6870 is also a great card, about as fast as the GTX 560, but cheaper.
  2. Is this your PSU?

    If yes, it will handle the GTX560 just fine.
  3. Well I will warn you ahead of time that that new PSU of yours is crap. If you can return it.

    On the GPU I would get the 6870 because it is just as powerful but can be found for a better price.
    Lastly I don't think the 560 Ti would be bottle necked by that CPU.
  4. No he has this PSU not that one.
    If you can replace that PSU with one of these good ones. Either is more than powerful enough to run those GPU.
    Not Modular-
  5. no this is my PSU

    i havent any problems with it like some reviews state
  6. this should handle a 6870, 560ti, or 560. antec, and it's 80+ bronze, $45 after rebates.
  7. Well here are reviews of it on Newegg... I'd upgrade.
  8. well i will be going to Frys electronics today to get it any ideas on a PSU that would handle it not overkill or over 85$ around that price
  9. Well here are some brands to consider. OCZ, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, Antec, XFX and SeaSonic (in no specific order). You will only need 500w. If they have this one, I would get it (although I don't think they will).
    If they don't I would get one of the ones I previously mentioned, preferably the OCZ modular one.
  10. frys usually has varying stocks. the antec i posted is on their website:

    last time i was there they had a bunch of coolermaster and some antec parts. just look for something in the $50-80 range with about 500-750 watts with a brand like antec, cosair, seasonic, xfx, and try for at least 80+ efficiency or 80+ bronze. typically those with those efficiency ratings are gonna be higher quality.
  11. ok ill take a look i also have this sitting on a shelf not in use would this help if not its cool just though id ask
  12. Although that PSU is better (still not great) it doesn't have the needed PCI-E connectors to hook up the 6870 or 560.
  13. The antec is the better of the two although the thermaltake should be ok (but still wouldn't get it). Neither have any 80+ rating.
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