Can't hear midis or Windows sounds

Hi. I need help and bad. All of a sudden I can't hear any of my midis or any Windows sounds. I can hear my waves and my AOL sounds. I deleted and reinstalled my media player (version 7) but that hasn't helped. I need my midis back. Even when I go to other websites, I cannot hear midis. All my settings are correct. I see the mover moving in the Media Player, so I know the midi is playing. Can you help? PLEASE?
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  1. This may be old ground, but try double clicking on the volume control in the task bar and seeing if the midi volume control is muted. Also, try going into control panel and under multimedia to check the midi tab. See if there are any midi synthesizer methods there. If there aren't try reinstalling your sound card software. If there are, try choosing a different one. Sometimes one doesn't work.

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