Need input for a new system.

I'm building a new system around an intel Intel - Extreme Series ATX Motherboard 1600MHz (Socket 2011)
Model: BOXDX79TO, Ivi Bridge 3770K, GTX 680 (With the ability to do SLI in the future) and Corsair - Gaming Series 700-Watt ATX CPU Power Supply Model: GS700.

My questions are. Will the MoBo intel BOXDX79TO supports the Ivy Bridge 3770k? And will the Corsair GS700 support SLI GTX 680 later on?

and sorry for the multiple threads.
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  1. Ivy bridge will be 1155, not 2011.

    There is rumor that Ivy Bridge E (coming ~November) may be 2011 compatible... but I have my doubts as most high end chips end up getting their own dedicated socket.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. My main goal is to build a system that will take advantage of future techs. Will the X79 board be backward compatible is the Socket 1155? I also would like support for PCi-e 3.0.
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