Case Has No Intake Vents For Power Supply

I'm confused as to how I should point my power supply, since my case has no grill for the power supply at the bottom.

I currently have the fan pointed upwards (on top) and the power supply upside down due to this. Should I still flip it over so that the fan is at the bottom?

I'm not comfortable with cutting holes in my case -- because I suck at it.

So I'd rather just know if the fan should be on top or below. Also, there is very very little space underneath the power supply when the fan is on top. It may be the same when flipped.

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  1. Also, with the PSU being upside down, and the coords not very long to begin with, they are even shorter.

    I use this PSU:

    But the cables are so short coming out of the hole. They barely reach. Cables such as the main power cable for the motherboard, and the secondary power cable, etc. The modular bits are actually long enough.
  2. in your situation

    if the PSU goes in on top then the fan should face down

    if the PSU goes on the bottom, the fan should face up

    the antec 300 is one example of the PSU on the bottom and the fan facing up. the PSU works just fine in either top/bottom situation
  3. If you have an electric drill and 1/8" drill bit you can drill a series or holes the size of the fan so it can draw air in from the bottom. This would be the easiest way and you wouldn't have to cut out a hole , you could then even place a filter screen over the holes to catch some of the air particles and that way dust wouldn't accumulate inside the case and psu. This may sound hard to you if your not the handy type but this is actually pretty easy if you think about it , just try to draw a circle on the bottom of the case that wiuld line up with the fan in the psu.
    Just don't do any drilling with the psu in the case , I thought I'd mention it just in case.
  4. Just install the PSU with the fan pointing up. Antec does this all the time. Look at the Antec 900, probablly one of the most popular cases in the world in units sold.
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