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Hey guys iv just bought a lian li V351R micro atx cube and i plan on building a small system for my lounge as a home theatre but i also want it to be able to play a few games live civ 5 or eve online on my 32 in tv, to this end this is my planned build. I have no previous experience in building systems but hell you have to start somewhere right. My planned build is this.

Mobo: gigabyte ga z77m-d3h socket 1155 micro atx with an i3 2120 cpu
Graphics: sapphire amd radeon 7750 ultimate 1024mb gddr5 (passive cooled to be more quiet)
Memory: 2x 2gb crucial ddr3 1333mhz pc3-10600
Psu: novatech power station gaming 400w silent atx2 modular power supply
Plus various hdd and optical drives and a network card.

Could anyone tell me if this build is a no go or wether it will be ok. Btw i dont fancy paying a fortune. Hence the cheap stuff listed.
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  1. All looks to be compatible and there should be plenty of airflow in that case, you look good to go.
  2. That GPU is along the lines of the GTX 550ti, which is a terrible GPU. Get a Radeon 6850 as it performs much better.
  3. So if i put the 6850 in and it has a minimum psu of 500 watts how much power above this should i install if any.
  4. 500W is enough to run the whole system, so nothing needs to be added.
  5. As it is, that build would be completely fine on 300W. Even with the HD 6850 you only really need 400W since the i3 is 65W and can't be overclocked.
  6. I'd consider a fan controller also and whatever GPU you get make sure you have some means of controlling the fan speed. it'll only add $20 to your build and if your case fans run a little loud you can turn them down while your watching a movie.

    only mention this because I built a microATX gaming system in a little cube and the rear fan specifically was pretty noisy. alternative spend a couple extra bucks on low speed fans but that gives you less control if your system runs out while your gaming.

    +1 on the 6850 or for $20 a 6870, you can keep the fan speed at 20-30% and you won't be able to hear it.

    last point - with that little bit of work space consider a modular PSU if you can find an inexpensive one, it'll help with cable management and thus airflow. GL man!!!

    forgot one thing, if you can fit it in get an aftermarket CPU cooler as whatever you have will most likely get warm and the fan will speed up, those little buggers have a whine to them at high speed.
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