Which card is better?

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  1. 1st one comes with a game and a rebate/second one has lifetime warranty unless XFX changed things........ for me, the first card.
  2. did you read the reviews from buyers on new egg if you got to rma see game price,prefer the tiger one
  3. both are same but XFX has lifetime warranty
  4. Basically the same card.

    Sapphire comes with Dirt 3 and is $145 after rebate, but only a 2 year warranty. + $7.56 shipping.

    XFX is $160 and comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you register your card within 30 days. + free shipping

    I would opt for XFX.
  5. how often do cards go bad ? I had 2 in my life. 1 I killed because of a bad over clock and the second came to me new/rma. I have a closet full of good cards that are too old and can't keep up with the rigors of modern gaming.
  6. If they are well built? 5+ years

    Than again, "well built" can rarely be applied to stuff made today.
  7. I was originally building my system on newegg but they have a warehouse in my state so I would have to pay $80 tax plus $18 shipping so I built the same system on tigerdirect and get free shipping plus no tax. Saves me $100
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