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So i am going to be building a new pc and the most toughest decision i have to make is getting a video card. Since there are a variety of them i need some help. But all of it rumbles down to this.

Either i go for a Hd 6970


I can pick up 2 x hd 6870

And also i will keep this PC for about 7 years. So no upgrades what so ever. Thats why i want a solution that can last me a long time. I also heard that the hd 6870 in crossfire have the same performance as a gtx 580 or at least come to something like that. And i also wanted to ask if there would be any problem with the crossfire setup. and yeha i will be using a 23 inch monitor with res of 1920 x 1080. If u have a crossfire setup let me know if it was worth it.

and another thing if u want to know what power supply i will be using use the link below

its on sale and i thinks it would be enough for the build
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  1. I prefer dealing with a single card rather than a dual card set up. Not all games support XFire and it also means less headaches, but that's just my opinion.

    OCZ generally sells good power supplies and that should be fine either way you go.
  2. wait for 7850/7870
  3. Two 6870 perform @ 7970 for allot less money and don't listen t the ones that say CF/SLI has problems cause they are always the ones that have been to scared or poor to try it out and speak with real experience and objection. 6870 CF is a top of the range BEAST go for it.
  4. so is there any list of games that support xfire that would be handy
  5. own 6850 CF, build it for bf3. lot of drivers problems until fixed. on load it's an oven (75-80º C on gpu1). I prefered one gtx570 but already have the 6850.
    i say wait for 7850/7870, less temperature/power consumption, new technology, 6000 series are from 2010.
  6. maybe u can give me ur specs for ur pc. I would like to know what pc case are u using. Oh yeha can i also know if u overclocked ur videocards.

    But i will also taking consideration of what u said about waiting ty
  7. my super cheap bf3 rig:

    AMD FX-4100 @ 3.8 + CM Hyper TX3
    Gigabyte GA-870-USB3 rev 3.1
    2x2GB cheap G.Skill 1333Mhz
    2x Sapphire HD 6850
    Seagate SATAII 250GB 7200 (from 2008)
    Sentey SDP650-SS PSU
    case is an Apex generic without the side panels, with 2x 80mm case fans, and also psu is out from case. near I have a ventilator.
    Asus Xonar Essence ST

    I don't overclock the cards cause on stock it gets 80º and don't want more heat. I prefer Intel/Nvidia but is too much money for my needs (bf3, web, mail, msn, listen music)

    on some pages says about 7850/7870: "Release date of both cards would most likely be during 15th – 20th February 2012"
    so I guess it's coming soon.
  8. your psu is good enough and there is no need to get an hd 6870 crossfire get an single powerful cardand after some years crossfire it that will be more better.:)
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