What would you guys suggest?

a USB wireless adaptor (please give me suggestions)

or a NIC card like this

Are they both going to have the same speed?

Im about 25-30 feet from my router, through 1 wall. I was also thinking on getting one of those adapters you can plug into your wall to get internet connection, but they can be expensive.

Im going to need somewhat fast connection for gaming and regular internet use
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  1. Personally i think PCI-E X1 is better than usb for NICs as you will have a lower chance of breaking it, you don't have to take it out when you are moving your desktop, it won't hog a USB port,

    Those adapters cost more than NICs but are usually better-
  2. The only reason I'm leaning towards a USB one, is that I can use an extended USB cable to place the USB closer to the router.
    like this one:
  3. glad you agree! I'm going to do that then. I hope it works!! thanks for your replies!
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    Your welcome!
  5. gotta give him a best answer now! haha but yeah that seems like a good solution even though i like pci interface cards more
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  7. sorry! I'm new to this place haha he more than deserved the best answer. thanks again!
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