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Firefox crashes my display driver.

I get this error. Display driver NVIDIA windows kernel mode driver version 285.38 stopped responding and has successfully recovered

As far as I know, it only happens when I'm using firefox. It never happens when I'm playing a game. All my games work fine. Usually happens when I open a new tab in Firefox.

I'm running Windows 7, a NVIDA 560ti, i5200k. Nothings over-clocked.
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    Firstly go to the Nvidia contol panel and go to manage 3D settings , change the power management to Prefer maximum performance , leaving it on adaptive is known to cause this problem. Open Firefox and see if it crashes.
    If it still happens then remove all your Nvidia drivers , download the latest ones from Nvidia and do a clean install.
    If it persists it sounds like the gpu render for firefox is making you crash. I don't use firefox , but check in the Firefox/internet options if you can disable it to software render instead, I know this option is available in IE9.
  2. I should of said that it doesn't happen every single time. I'm usually on firefox all day, and it will happen once or twice, or sometimes not at all. I checked my control panel, and power management is already at max performance.

    I checked and there is a new driver available for me. So I'm going to try that first. If it continues to happen then I'll uninstall my drivers.

    I also went ahead and disabled the gpu render in firefox. So hopefully it gets fixed.
  3. It looks like changing the settings in firefox worked. Thanks a lot!
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