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hello i am a first time builder and i am really trying to do this right and i have a small question about the hard drive i want to get
(p.s. if this is a really dumb question im sorry just trying to get every little detail covered before i start buying parts)

ok here is my question i am buying a 500GB harddrive from newegg and it says that it is a bare drive and i did look that up so i know that its just the drive and nothing more but the thing i cant find out is am i going to have to buy the connectors to connect the port i will be putting it in to the MOBO or will the connectors come with the MOBO and if i do need to buy the connectors and power cords if there is any what kind if connectors do i look for and buy

any help would be really great and much appreciated

and just in case there is a need to look at the hard drive here it is

Hard Drive - Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKX 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
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  1. If you just ordered a new motherboard, it will come with some sata cables for you to use with that HDD, so no need to go buy your own.
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    Bare drives do not come with mounting screws or a SATA cable. Most motherboards will come with at least one SATA cable. Worst case you will need pick up an extra SATA cable or two and use extra screws that came with your case.

    With that said... Skip the WD Blue. There are better performing drives for that price with lower failure rates.

    Samsung F3 500GB =>
    Seagate 500GB =>
  3. You need to look at what comes with your MOBO - all the main brand manufacturers will supply cables. I bought an Asus MOBO and they supplied all the cables I would ever need (SATA and IDE). In regard to power cables these should all come off your power supply. Sticking with a main brand power supply like Corsair will also provide all of the cables you would ever need. Cables are relatively inexpensive items and if for any reason you find that you have the wrong type of connection there are tons of cable conversion options out there.
  4. go check the mobo out on the manufacturers home page and download the Manuel for it. it will tell you in there if it comes with any
  5. thank you everyone for help i have looked into it and the MOBO should have the SATA cables if not i see they are very cheap so no longer a big deal but thanks for the help very much

    (P.S. thank you very much for the link to the samsung hard drive i am going to go with that one instead it has alot better reviews :)
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