6970 GPU, how to run on Plasma TV as 2nd monitor

Ok so i was wondering how to do this? as if i plug the hdmi cable for TV into the GPU i do not get any signal on the TV??
the TV is a 1080P Tv well within the range of the card, would like to use it as second moniter sometimes or just use it by itself some times.
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  1. after plugging it into the tv, set the input channel on the tv to hdmi (wtvr # u plugged it into).

    Then right click the desktop and select "screen resolution". Click detect. Two screens should show up. Change the options to your preference (duplicate, extend, etc).
  2. You can't have them both on HDMI....
    You need one on a DVI (Monitor) and the other on the HDMI or the other DVI.
    You need to then get it to identify the monitors.
    After identification using the Windows Desktop Manager you can adjust the screen resolutions and the display type (Extended, mirror, etc etc)
  3. THanks guys been away otherwise would have answered sooner thanks alot.
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