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i have asus k53u notebook with a AMD C60 and 6290 radeon and 2 gb of ram the notebook suffers from lagging sometimes and cannot play full hd vidoes on youtube without lagging i have added 2 more gb but still same result am not expecting from this notebook to be super but still its no good enough i have others with the same cpu also complaining about the same issue

can i change the cpu? and if i can what options do i have to change to?
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  1. You can't change the CPU as it is soldered to the Motherboard.
    Did you change power settings to high performance?
    (i have an Asus X54H).
  2. yeah i changed it i did everything possible to do but no results
    i think it's just that amd sucks not like intel
  3. Are you sure its not your internet speed, intel equivelents of that processor (the Intel Atom) would either perform worse or near the same.
  4. no it's not internet cause i have hd videos on the drive and it's not only videos also other programs etc.....i think i will just return it and get a better one
  5. Probably the best thing to do, have you got the latest drivers for your graphics installed?
  6. you shouldnt have bought low end laptops with these chips. they dont perform very well
  7. yeah i have jay and thebigtroll i received it as a gift :D
  8. I found this- - if it helps?
  9. nothing new...thanks anyways
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