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ATI 5700: Output only black and white

Hello, I am using a ATI HD 5700. I've been dual monitoring for a while now, with no problems. Until yesterday when one of my monitors appeared to only be able to display in black and white. My first screen output (the one that is working) is DVI, I get full vivid color no problem from it. But the HDMI output is like I stated only black and white.

Originally I thought it was the HDMI cable, but a replace did not solve it. Then I thought it was the monitor, but connecting it to a laptop showed the monitor was in fine condition.

The problem is with the HDMI output, I was wondering if a setting got changed. I've tried to find my problem online but it does not seem to be a common annoyance.

Thank you.
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    Open CCC and reset the settings, should hopefully fix whatever is causing it, has done so in other cases.
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