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I just finished my FIRST BUILD EVER! and I want to show of my baby's sexiness. I need suggestions on lighting solutions, makes, LED vs. cathodes, etc. I dont want a skittles rainbow in there, but something cool looking and reliable that wont heat up my computer or draw too much energy.

Any and all suggestions and pics welcome! My case is the NXTZ Guardian 921 RB.

Thanks :bounce:
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  1. These sleeved LED kits are pretty cool, as they provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to where you can put them:
    These Bitfenix Alchemy sets are pretty cool, too:
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    The sleeved Leds are nice as you can really get them to in corners to hide the actual lights and just get the glow. you could also go with a UV build system and buy UV reactive fans etc and maybe sleeve your PSU in UV reactive cables and make stuff go crazy.

    This one has both the PSU and this Liquid Uv reactive. Just found it on google.
  3. nice! thanks for the input. Those UVs are off the hook!
  4. any other lighting suggestions?
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