Brand new psu installed but pc turns on then shuts off

Hello, so I just got a GTX 670, installed it. Then I realized that I needed 2 6 pin pcis and my hpe 270f only came with a psu that had only 1 6 pin. So I got a brand new corsair 700w psu. Installed that but now if I turn it on the screen is black, no beeping or anything and it shuts off after like 3 seconds. Then it turns on again by itself and then off again.

So I disconnect the optical and hard drive connectors, still problem is there.

Any help would be appreciated as this is my first time upgrading a desktop.

Also the CPU connector that came with the new psu is 8 pin, but in my computer the plug is only 4 pin. But I read somewhere on the forum that that shouldn't be a problem.

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  1. Also I tried putting my old psu back with the old gpu and it works fine so...
  2. How about the new PSU with the old GPU?
  3. Yea the new psu with the old gpu doesn't work, shuts off after a few seconds.

    But even the old psu with my new card works and the screen comes on, just it says that I need to connect both pci-e connectors
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