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Hey Im building a comp in case chieftec LBX-03B-B-B and I would really appreciate any help concerning air flow. Im attaching pictures found in net since I'm not able to do any atm, but the case is exactly the same.

It has 3xfans 92mm on right side panel next to slots for hard drives, 2x92mm on left side panel next to mobo and 1x120mm at the back. Also I will be using psu tagan 580w which also serves as air flow manager.

Back and Front

Right Panel

Left Panel

Left Panel Open

I'm pretty sure the 3 on the right should pull the air into the case, the one 120mm at the back and psu would blow air out of the case. Also in this setting the cpu fan (cm hyper 212 plus) would blow to the 120mm at the back. But I have no idea how should I set the 2 on the left panel so any help would be awesome.

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  1. If you really feel you need that many fans, the two you are thinking of adding to the left side panel would blow in to cool provide fresh air to the graphic card(s).
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    In this case a picture paints a thousand words, oh and what hardware are you thinking of putting inside this case ?

  3. Thanks for replies, I will go with this setup. Although cutting through steel to add a fan might be a bit problematic, but maybe I will try. The build is gonna be:
    Asrock 990fx extreme3
    Phenom ii x4 965
    Cooler master hyper 212 plus
    Radeon hd 4870
    g.skill ripjaw 2x4gb cl9 1600
    seagate barracuda 500gb + OCZ ssd agility 3 60gb
    Tagan 580w u15
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