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So if anyone remembers from a week ago i had a pretty outdated build. Due to the fact that i am still learning and stuff, that and i bought the parts a year and half ago but never had the money to finish it. so here is the new build im thinking about buying. also this is my take on a performance PC.

case -

everything else -

i also have a gpu from my previous build.
i know that win7 takes after winxp and offers the capability of 2 different vid cards. my question is would it be smart to couple these up just so i dont have to sale or throw away my old one. i know that the new gpu is good enough i just dont want my old one to go to waste.
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  1. i am also not getting that specific hard drive. well i am getting the same one just not from newegg since all their WD hard drives are bare drive. im getting it from tigerdirect.
  2. Get 2 4gb ram sticks don't get 16gb
  3. im sticking with the 2x8 because i might be upgrading to 32gb of ram for no reason in the future.
  4. stfu_brad said:
    im sticking with the 2x8 because i might be upgrading to 32gb of ram for no reason in the future.

    Why you wasting money put that money into better gpu
  5. You don't need 1000watt psu thats wasteful too
  6. once again thats for in the future. right now thats kind of my budget.
  7. i keep telling people the reason i have a 1k psu is because for future builds or upgrades i might have 2 gpu's or more drives or more energy eating stuff.
  8. You can't sli 2 different video cards either
  9. what about crossx?
  10. No they aren't in the same series
  11. Even if you had 2 cards in the same series that were crossx the higher card would be treated the same as the lower one
  12. Unless you're going to tri sli then there is no reason to spend that much on a psu
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    Unless you have use for 16GB of RAM now, just get 8GB.

    The 1000w PSU is complete overkill for this setup and any additions you will make down the road (unless you plan to go tri-sli/crossfire).

    Also, are you comfortable with overclocking? If so, then drop the FX-8150 and get the FX-8120 instead and overclock it to the FX-8150 level. That will save you about $60 alone.

    Don't get me wrong, it's your money and can do as you please. But the other posters are correct, save the money on the RAM and PSU and invest it in the GPU. Chances are that if/when you get to the point that you need 16/32GB RAM and a 1000W PSU you'll need a new rig anyway.

    Just my 2 cents.
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