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I'm looking for a Radeon graphics card with a s-video tv-out and 512 MB and that costs around 20-30 dollars for my Compaq CQ5320F computer. You can read about it here: Link It has a 250 watt power supply, which I don't want to upgrade because I am already saving up for a card.

I have a older TV which is why I need S-Video but at the same time I want at least 512MB for gaming and it needs to work in my computer with it's humble 250 watts. At the same time I have the 20-30 budget and limited time to look for it. Already tried Google but each card I find doesn't fully match what I have in mind.

I appreciate any help. :)
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  1. yeah look for ATI 4550 or ATI 3450. I come from the UK so i can't send you links of good prices in the US. When you say gaming what sort of games do you mean. You're not going to be able to play any 2003 + games with that card with good visuals i hope you know that these cards at this budget are designed for video viewing, and perhaps very old games 2003 backwards. If you want an Nvidia alternative wait for someone else to reply because i don't specialise in Nvidia unfortunately.
  2. I play old games, around 2003 as you said. But when I play them I don't like lag.
  3. graphics requirement around 32 mb? Yeah 4550 should be enough, and you have athlon ii x2 not the old athlon x2.
  4. refillable said:

    Why are you posting to something that says $119? Why? AMD 4550s are usually under &30 or £25
  5. Well I'm crazy, I don't know old card prices. But it's not $30 mate, this is what I can find:

  6. So yeah Abrum the 3450/4550/Nvidia 8400GT/9400GT is about the best your going to get for that budget.
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