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I need some help with a computer build. I am looking to build a desktop for electronic music production and light gaming (i only play world of warcraft on pc) Ive looked into it some but im still a little confused about what i should be looking for. My price range is around $400-$500 less if possible but ive never had a computer that could be considered nice so im willing to spend. The music software that i run is a daws software that links other sound synthesis software to it so i need to be able to run multiple aplications fairly fast (if im making any sense at all like i said im not familiar with this stuff) Thanks for any help :)
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  1. That's a pretty tight budget but it's certainly doable. Since the gaming is rather light, you could probably make do with the integrated graphics on an AMD A8. You should be able to play Warcraft on medium settings I think. It's also a quad core, so great for the audio stuff.

    AMD A8-3870K
    2x4GB G.Skill VS 1333Mhz 1.5v
    ASRock A75M-HVS FM1 AMD A75
    Seagate Barracuda 500GB
    Antec Earthwatts 380W
    Fractal Design Core 1000
    LG DVD Burner

    Total - $425.93

    There's still a bit of cash spare there in case you need to buy an OS too. There is still plenty of room to upgrade this system as well. You can still add a graphics card if you get more serious about gaming or add an SSD for better boot and load times. You could also improve the cooling and overclock.
  2. Awesome!!! thanks for the build the only question i should i do a faster quad core or shoot for an eight core with what im running? my old computer might be selling for more than i thought so i might be going into the $800 range with my budget :D
  3. I wouldn't bother with 8 cores. If you have more cash to put toward this I would go for an i5 and a basic graphics card like the HD 7750 or HD 7770.
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