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Hey guys, this is my first time actually building a gaming computer from scratch, but i think i've done my research well and picked out the best items for my price range ($850). If anyone has insight on better items for the price, or ways to save money, that would be much appreciated! I already have gaming mouse, keyboard and 22 inch hd monitor. I am hoping to play games like Tera online, Guild wars 2, etc. (that are fairly graphics intensive) on relatively high settings.

Well heres the build! :

With everything here the total comes to around $824

If anyone could give any advice on my build, or check and see if it is all compatible, it would be much appreciated! Thanks, Austin.
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  1. On a budget system, the one item you need to focus on is the GPU. With that graphics card, there is no way you can play those games on high settings.

    Use this RAM (anything over 1600 really not necessary and far less impact on performance vs. GPU)

    This CPU

    This GPU

    If you purchase this now, and get the rebate on the GPU, it costs less overall and will be WAY better.
  2. Ok, will that CPU be able to keep up? I heard your supposed to try and buy equally based CPU's and GPU's but i suppose it is different for gaming. Thanks a lot! I will definitely take that advice! Does everything else in my build look fine?
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    The 2120 has more muscle than the 6950 can use.

    I heard your supposed to try and buy equally based CPU's and GPU's

    Yes, you're right, but I think you're using the wrong definition of equal here. For a gaming system, you'll get optimal gaming performance if you balance the processor and the video card so that the processor doesn't bottleneck the card, yet the card uses the processor to the fullest. That *doesn't* mean spending the same amount on a video card as you do on the processor. Right now, a balanced gaming system has a graphics solution costing 2-3x as much as the processor.

    Most of the builds on these boards have graphics cards that aren't using the full potential of the processor. :(

    Even with a 6950, it's not using the full potential of the 2120, but it's much closer to balanced.

    *since it's the 2gb 6950, it's got a great chance to be modded into a full 6970 if you're willing to go that route. Make sure the card has a backup BIOS, however.

    also, a HIS 7850 is only $10 more than that 6950, and that'll give you the same graphics muscle as a 6970 without having to mod.
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  5. Wow thanks so much guys for the quick response! Quilciri, thanks for clarifying about the difference that helped me understand! I think I'll make these changes, wait a bit to see what else i can find for max performance and than order by the end of the month!

    If anyone else has other input it would still be very helpful.
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