Whats the difference between these power supplies?

i was wondering what the difference is between the silverstone strider and silverstone strider evolution is? also cann you buy a 850w and then later upgrade to like a 1200w and not change the cables?
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  1. Evolution is not 80 Plus certified. Some Strider models vary from not 80 Plus certified to Silver certification.

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    The Evolution is a more powerful PSU. 750W vs 500W. Also the Evolution is more efficient; 80 Plus Gold vs 80 Plus Bronze.
    Modular PSU cables (of the same brand?) have standardized connectors, but I wouldn't guarantee that the cables' A.W.G. wire sizes would be the same from the lowest wattage PSU to the highest wattage.
  3. I was refering to this one. Are we talking a different unit?
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