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I'm trying to fit the guts of an old laptop into the case of an old Atari 2600. The motherboard etc of the laptop fit perfectly but the hard drive connects on the edge of the board and overhangs the case, there is plenty of room above and below the motherboard so I am hoping to somehow extend the hdd connection and place the hdd on top of the motherboard.
It's a 44 pin connection. Is it possible to extend this with a length of IDE cable? If so can anyone tell me how I need to modify the cable to work or suggest any other way of extending the hard drive connection?

Many thanks :-)
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  1. Thanks for that...Unfortunately I cant find a supplier of those in the UK...I did find someone selling a 44 pin cable meant for old amigas, I tried one of those with a male to female adapter and the hard drive is not recognised. That cable did not have any of the twists in like the one in your link though so maybe I need to modify it somehow?
  2. That looks similar to the cable I got...I think this was the one-

    No, the drive doesn't seem to be getting any power using that cable.
  3. Your one looks like nothing is getting transfered, there are 2 female connections, there are only pins on the hard drive, not on the mobo, if you take a look at your setup.

    This one, you connect the side with the pins into the mobo and connect the other side of the cable to the hard drive.
  4. I used one of these to connect it to the mobo...

    Should that not work the same?
  5. I'm not sure, check if one of the pins came of?
  6. Yeah I had a good check and all the pins look good...
    Would something like this work in reverse, ie use 3.5 in a laptop? Im sure I have an old 3.5 drive somewhere which might fit in the case. Or are these only for 2.5hdd to pc?
  7. You can use this to connect a 2.5" to a 3.5" connector but probably not reverse, laptops give out 5v to hard drives, 3.5" drives need more power...
  8. Ah makes sense, thanks...And so the search continues...
  9. Have you tried playing around with the current hard drive setup?
    like trying the wire the other way or something.
  10. Yeah I've tried it all ways, It could be a bad cable I guess...I'll see if I can get another one to try.
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