Games Crashing with XFX HD 6770

So I've been having issues with my computer in general where it will stop working or boot into normal windows and then fixes after Win7 reinstall.

Windows is working fine but when I run Skyrim on high settings w/ Skyrim 2k mod or Witcher 2 on medium it crashes to desktop and then the desktop stops working properly - all windows are glitchy and I get artifacts when I run mouse over things. Buttons just go black when mouse hovers and when I load web pages the page looks all screwed up.

I reboot and everything is fine again until I try to run the game and then it crashes after like 15-30 mins of playing and starts all over again. Sometimes I can run Skyrim stable for hours - but Witcher 2 has not been stable at all for more than 15-30 mins at a time. My memory is fine and no overclocks. I'm thinking bad GPU but i don't want to call Fry's and ask about possible return until I'm sure.

Thanks for your opinions!

Athlon II x3 455 3.3ghz
ASUS m5a97
8gb kingston hyperx
680w psu
300gb maxtor hdd 1.5gb/s sata
XFX HD 6770
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  1. do you have another one that you could use for test
  2. ^+1
    Are you checking your temps? and what brand is your PSU? Are those the only two game's it happens in? The reason I am asking for your temps is because after 15-30 mins it has the issue, that would go hand in hand with overheating,

    I would rule out your GPU untill the very last. Another problem could be your PSU under load is dieing. But if you have an easy way to check your GPU then take it that way you know for sure it isn't or it is.
  3. Only PC in the house so cannot test on other machine - I s'pose it could be PSU but dunno how to test without a voltometer (or with one either)

    So far Skyrim and Witcher 2 are only games I've tried since the issues started. I haven't reinstalled Arkham City which ran great before my Windows crapped out the first time. I just installed and played KOA Reckoning and it's got very crappy graphics and no issues with that one for over 20 mins.

    I did monitor temps and holds stable at max 61c which is nothing.

    edit: hmmm just checked power plug and it was a bit loose - prob from me moving the case around to get best wifi signal - not sure if that would really cause an issue per say but i'll test it more tomorrow - I'm also getting OCCT to try and see if i can test PSU - not sure how it works but we'll see - edit edit: nevermind not risking blowing up my PSU with this thing - it's pretty old and i'm broke :)
  4. So the temps are not the problem. How are you checking your temp with what program are you using? I still would like to know your PSU's brand name. I use MSI Afterburner to check my temps and usage % on my GPU's

    Also you can run a stress test with Kombustor from MSI Afterburner. You said that your memory is fine, how did you test it? Have you up dated your drivers? Here is a link to MSI Afterburner in case you don't have it.
  5. I check temps with ATI Monitor and CCC and they seem fine - I really think it's the GPU. I just got BSOD on boot today and it did a system restore which fixed it i guess. But these issues are just getting worse and worse and it has to be faulty hardware. I hope Fry's will honor a return.

    Strange because I got Skyrim to work solid on High/Ultra with Slkyrim 2k mod and no crashing - but Witcher 2 refuses to stay for more than 15 mins on med-low settings without CTD and then fuxoring up my desktop.

    I built this to be a mid range gaming pc and it seems only a select few will run on this when they should be working fine.
  6. Well I think something is dieing. You say GPU. I say maybe PSU and temps. You say temps are fine knocks me out of the ball park. If one game nails it and another Your drivers are all up to date?

    Ya go ahead and get a new card and check it that way. I hope then it is your GPU and nothing else. Good luck and let us know if that was the problem I am very curious.
  7. Edit: nevermind I confirmed it's not temps - I ran witcher after taking cover off case and cleaning out dust w/ compressed air and this time Witcher started - lagged a bit and after I shot a fireball at some dude it instantly stuttered with looping sound and then crashed - then my windows was screwed - tried to start Google Chrome browser and it looped one error after another saying Google Chrome crashed and couldn't run - temps were still at idle 45c - I'm taking this GPU back tomorrow and demanding an exchange of some sort!
  8. Good I am glad that it isn't something else and the GPU like you thought. Good catch. and Good luck to you
  9. Update: So I got Darkness 2 and it runs with no probs. I did some updates and I get longer sessions out of Witcher 2 now. I am so confused. I hear ATI cards just do not cooperate w/ Witcher 2.
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